• If you find live termites in the property, DO NOT DISTURB THEM – Call 1300 872100

    • Do not Spray them this will make professional treatments difficult
    • Just leave them
    • If you have opened up the damaged areas – eg Wall cavity, Door jamb, Skirting board or window sill, quickly grab some dark masking tape of any type and cover the opened areas. If you do not have any dark tape, cover the area with anything that will keep the termites in a dark area like cardboard, towel, cloth, if you have removed the wall lining put in back in place.
  • We suggest you avoid DIY treatments for best results. An unlicensed  person cannot purchase the best chemicals nor do they have the license or expertise to treat live termites. The best chemicals available on the market that are effective top of the shelf products are only available to  licensed Termite technicians.

    Products sold in hardware stores will not eliminate the colony as they are normally repellent chemicals.

    When Licensed Pest Control professionals carry out a treatment for live termites, they use the best products that are non repellent Termiticides or baits, to eliminate the colony over time.

    A successful treatment takes time, due to many factors that affect Termite treatments, like disturbance of the termites before the treatment took place, the distance the nest is from the property, the type of Termite species and the time of year, all play part in the process of trying to eliminate a termite colony, so leave it to the experts it will save you money.

    The Pest Company Tweed, use the best available products and equipment to ensure a successful treatment and Termite free home. Get in contact today 1300 872100

  • The cost involved in obtaining a Pre Sale or Pre Purchase Building and Pest inspection in Tweed

    Homes are attacked by Termites daily, leaving home owners financially stressed as they frantically try to gather the funds to repair Termite Damage, let alone afford to pay to for Termite treatments and have a Termite protection system installed to protect them home, long term.

    Selling the Home – The most devastating Termite attacks seem to be home owners selling their Tweed property. We all assume the property is OK to sell without an inspection, we recommend you avoid this at call costs and have a Pre Sale Inspection carried out.

    The Pest Company Tweed have been completing Termite & Pre Purchase Timber Pest Inspections for 18 years and there is still no simple process to just taking a look around!! . None of our inspectors can just take a look around their own home, or just look around when you are at an open home, it’s crazy to think this is acceptable practice. A thorough inspection by a licensed inspector is required on every occasion using the correct tools indicated by AS4349.3 – 2010 as a minimum.

  • Termite management programs are designed to manage certain properties, not all system are effective

    Quality Termite Management products on the market have different modes of action that work in protecting a home from termites. Many homeowners are overwhelmed when it comes to protecting their home as there are too many Termite Systems.

    Options available;

    1. Chemical barrier using a repellent chemical or treated zone option using a non repellent chemical
    2. An interception baiting system with Bait or without bait, there are many systems in this range. We suggest you call us, we will arrange a time and day to attend the property, this way we can provide the best options.

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